About Us

We are a company that began in 1989 with an innovative vision that has made us achieve and consolidate our leadership at national and international levels in the design, manufacture and merchandising of products for the plumbing industry.

Through the constant innovation implemented in our manufacturing processes, quality systems and technology as well as the professionalism and commitment of our human resources, we have grown to be known as a world class company.

We are the largest manufacturer of flexible braided plumbing connectors in Latin America, with years of experience serving the Mexican market and exports to over 20 countries in America.

The Coflex plant is one of the most modern and with the largest production capacity in the world, so we can supply much of the current demand for flexible braided plumbing connectors required by the market.

With a permanent culture of innovation and effort, Coflex remains committed to offering quality products that provide comfort and peace to the end user.

With 30 years in the market Coflex undertakes new challenges: The opening of a new plant whose main business is plastic injection molding using various types of resins to ensure product quality and the beginning of commercial operations in the United States. These challenges motivate us to continue to innovate in the various markets we serve.

To increase Coflex’s competitive advantage, PLOMAQ was created, a subsidiary company specializing in making forged brass connections, as well as machined and stamped copper connections. PLOMAQ supports in the manufacture of precision parts that are required for the production of Coflex flexible connectors.

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