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Coflex began to export its products over twenty years ago, and today Coflex has established its presence across 20 countries in the American continent, thus confirming its leadership in the plumbing markets.

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Capital: Buenos Aires
Land area (sq km): 2792.000
Gastronomy: Mixed dishes and European ingredients. Some traditional dishes: grilled Argentina, alfajores, empanadas, dulce de leche, an Argentine stew, locro, fugazzeta filled, noodles, omelette, zucchini, beef, piononos, bondiola Argentina, among others.


Capital: Belmopán
Land area (sq km): 22.966
Gastronomy: Inspired by the Mexican and Caribbean food, their basic ingredients are rice and beans, combined with pork, beef, fish, chicken, fried plantains, yams. Also include tamales, pozole and panuchos.


Capital: Sucre, La Paz
Land area (sq km): 1,098.581
Gastronomy: Typical dishes are spicy mixed, paceña marraqueta, Salta, tamales, sillpancho dish of chanfaina, cuñapé and more.


Capital: Ottawa
Land area (sq km):
Gastronomy: Their food is influenced by American cuisine and English, plus French dishes. The dishes range from meatloaf to sandwiches of smoked meat, potatoes, ground beef, among others.


Capital: Bogotá
Land area (sq km): 1,138.822
Gastronomy: Combination of flavors indigenous, Spanish and African based tubers, fruits, meats and spices, sauces, cereals and seafood.

Costa Rica

Capital: San José
Land area (sq km): 51.100
Gastronomy: Mainly based on the indigenous, Spanish and African heritage, as well as European and Asian. Some ingredients are: turrialba cheese, cocoa, potatoes, carthage enjoyed in dishes like gallo pinto, dishes including turkey, beef, chicken, and more.


Capital: Santiago de Chile
Land area (sq km): 756.945
Gastronomy: German, Italian and French cuisine, highlight their dishes such as conger chowder, marina pan, charquicán, marraqueta Chilean ceviche and others.


Capital: Quito
Land area (sq km): 270.670
Gastronomy: Dubbed Creole food, its characteristic dishes are; the flag plate, soup fanesca, ceviche, locro, cangrejada, and more.

El Salvador

Capital: San Salvador
Land area (sq km): 21.041
Gastronomy: Fusion pipil and Spanish food, some traditional dishes are the pupusas, guisquil cheese filling, beef soup, seafood, chicken stuffed breads, corn and pork tamales, among others.

United States

Capital: Washington, DC
Land area (sq km): 9,631,420
Gastronomy: Mostly dominated by fast food. His most famous foods are hamburgers, ham hock, buffalo wings, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and more.


Capital: Cd. de Guatemala
Land area (sq km): 108.894
Gastronomy: Columbian fusion cuisine with Hispano-Arabic, ingredients predominate: the jocón, pepián, kaq 'ik, bananas and beans with pork rinds mole.


Capital: Tegucigalpa
Land area (sq km): 112.492
Gastronomy: Typical food based on meat, poultry and fish, tortillas, beans, rice, dairy, vegetables and fruits.


Capital: Mexico, DF
Land area (sq km): 1,964,375
Gastronomy: The Mexican dishes are distinguished by great diversity of flavors, among which roasted suckling pig, the Oaxacan mole, mole poblano, pozole, kid, bread dogfish, often among others.


Capital: Managua
Land area (sq km): 129.494
Gastronomy: Dominated by foods like rice, beans, tortillas, güirilas, tamales, cheese, ceviche, grilled meat and more.



Capital: Cd. de Panamá
Land area (sq km): 78.200
Gastronomy: Foods historical influence among Hispanic cultures, African, Amerindian and more. In projecting the rice in different presentations, soups and stew, guacho and rondón, seafood, among others.



Capital: Asunción
Land area (sq km): 406.752
Gastronomy: Mainly cooked manioc, Paraguayan soup, stew, stew and rice. In addition to dishes like noodles, Milan, empanadas, chipa, among others.



Capital: Lima
Land area (sq km): 1,285.215
Gastronomy: The main dishes are the pisco, pachamanca, ceviche and pisco sour fruits like cherimoya and lucuma, lupine, corn and fish.

Puerto Rico


Capital: San Juan
Land area (sq km): 9, 997
Gastronomy: Mixture of Hispanic and American influences, among which alcapurria filling.

Dominican Republic


Capital: Santo Domingo
Land area (sq km): 48,422
Gastronomy: Features Creole cuisine with African influences and European origin. The coconut is used in many of its dishes. The menu ranges from rice, meat, beans, food and vegetables, avocados and more.


Capital: Montevideo
Land area (sq km): 186.926
Gastronomy: It is the fusion of Italian and Spanish cuisines, very similar to Argentina food. Among its signature dishes are the parrolladas, roast with leather, goat, choripán, Olympic sandwich, hot dog and Milanese, pie, cheese and more.


Capital: Caracas
Land area (sq km): 912.050
Gastronomy: With grancolombiana heritage, consisting of indigenous and European elements. The main ingredients are grains, corn, meat, fish, vegetables and dairy. Some dishes are arepas, cachapas, Creole flag Hallacas.