How to choose a Trap for Kitchen and Bathroom Sink

Check out here the different types of trap that exist in the market and choose which is the ideal for your sink and/or sink.


Corrugated Traps

These are characterized by their white color, easy installation and for being the cheaper choice on the market.

However, they require a greater cleaning since their accordion design retains food remains and sediment formation that can cause bad odors.

In addition, such food clutter can cause the material to degrade causing leakage below your kitchen and bathroom sink.







Rigid Traps           

As its name suggests, these traps are characterized by their rigid material (both inside and outside) that provides the assurance that water will flow without the remains of soap or food getting stuck.

Within this category you can choose from different materials such as chrome brass or rigid plastic (polypropylene).

Rigid brass traps are not recommended in narrow spaces because they are not easily adapted. In addition, since there is no standard size that meets the needs of each sink individually, its installation is often laborious, because of its difficulty in cutting the metal in uneven spaces. In many cases it requires a visit from your plumber for the installation.

Rigid Traps - Premium Line Coflex

Because they are made of 100% Virgin Material, they offer greater durability.

In addition, their ergonomic nuts make their installation easy and without the need for tools for tightening.

Still not convinced? The New Trap-Staff, in addition with its Conical Containers, manufactured with a highly engineered polymer, guarantee NO Leaks under any installation conditions (they do not require silicone in their joints).





Snappy Trap

These traps are characterized by correcting offsets caused by misaligned drainage, remodeling or else, allows an easy adjustment by the different sizes of sinks on the market.

Thanks to its smooth interior, Snappy Trap prevents the generation of bad odors in your home and are easy to install since they do not require tools.

They include two eyebrow alternatives (one short and one 90 °) that will help you in installations where the height, between the stripe and the drain, is narrow and with little slope.

In addition, these traps are designed to allow the connection of dishwashers and grinders.

Remember that choosing a quality trap can keep you from working in the future.

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