How to choose a Flexible Water Connector from its Braiding Material

Previously, in the entry "How to choose a Flexible Connector for Water", we discussed the aspects to consider before buying a connector for the installation of our appliances to water, such as toilet, sink, sink, washing machine, refrigerator, and boiler. Something very important to consider is the braiding material of the connector, as each one has different benefits.

We can choose the material of the braiding based on its resistance to corrosion, guarantee, design, or else, its price. But, if we think about what could happen in our house when we go on vacation because of a flexible "cheap" connector ... Returning from the trip we could find puddles, carpets, and furniture damaged by water, mold stains on the wall ... Imagine the scene ...! And all because of a low-quality water connector leak.

There may be several causes of leakage, but a common reason is that the poor quality of a braiding material causes it to yield to the increase in water pressure occurring at night, causing breakage at some point in the connector; And this is how the leak occurs.

That is why it is better to choose a flexible connector that guarantees zero leakage, and this depends on the quality of its material, its components and in general, its manufacture. This is supported by Coflex with constant research and development, so much so that now has created the new generation of flexible connectors, with its two lines: Basic, with the quality of always; And Premium, with maximum resistance to corrosion and colored chemicals, and some models are offered with the new Adjustment Wrench, which facilitates the installation of the flexible connector without the use of tools.

Basic Line


Acero Forte

Coflex's exclusive formula that combines Advanced Stainless Steel and Polymer Technology in a unique design braid on the market that delivers high performance and safety.

In short: by its state-of-the-art technology, it offers better performance and safety than traditional 304 steel.

The families of flexible connectors in this material are: LL-A **, LL2-A **, LS-A **, LS-E **, LS-F **


Vinilo Tradicional

It offers high resistance to corrosion caused by chemicals and provides high performance and safety.

Simply put: it provides high resistance to corrosion by its vinyl braiding.

The families of flexible connectors in this material are:  CVLG-D **, CVLG-C **, CVLB-A **


 Premium Line


Acero Ultra

Provides maximum corrosion resistance because it is composed of grade 316L marine grade stainless steel, which withstands exposure to chlorinated chemicals, which extends the life of the connector.

 In short: it has the maximum market resistance to exposure to chlorinated chemicals.

The families of flexible connectors in this material are:  AL-A **, AL-2-A **, AL-B **, AL-G **, AS-A **, AS- E **, AS-F **

Vinilo Platino

Reinforced vinyl braided Platinum color, which provides a high resistance to corrosion and an aesthetic design with a metallic appearance.

In short: it is for those people looking for design and high resistance to corrosion.

The families of flexible connectors in this material are: VL-A **, VL-K **, VL-B **, VS-A **, VS-E **, VS- *, VS-N **


With Coflex, no matter what braid you choose, you will always have the Coflex Warranty. In addition, being 100% Lead Free, all flexible connectors of both lines are food grade, meaning they are ideal for conducting water for human consumption.

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